Effect of COVID-19 on the economic lives of women

Effect of COVID-19 on the economic lives of women

The sudden and fearful corona outbreak has taken over to change the lives of the people to the most. It has affected not only the economy of the country but also it has affected every individual's economic life.

Women with lower-income working in various areas of society are facing most of the economic problems. Their family economy due to the outbreak has come to a standstill. Women who are working with low-income workers in the areas such as laborers, household co-workers, women working in the industry for packaging work, etc. due to corona outbreak either they have been removed from their jobs or their wages have been lowered. In some cases, the wages of the women have been paused, meaning they have not been paid for the work they have done before lockdown also. The situation has become worse for them.

The Social Ripples as an initiative for women's health and development want society to be aware of the society that these women do not have any other plans to grow their economy.

It is seen that during the lockdown, men are having some of the other plans to gather their livelihoods. They are getting opportunities more than women. History suggests that women’s economic security suffers more during the crisis period. Women who are going out to find jobs are facing challenges such as part-time jobs or full-time jobs with lower income, high health risks, no profitable jobs, market risks, etc. It shows that there are lesser opportunities for women giving rise to gender inequality. 

Due to COVID-19, there is a complete stoppage of the street vendors from selling the products or the food items. Most of these are women, who sell the products by going to different local places. It has a direct effect on their economic life. You can consider the example; Many home-based workers make things, but in the market, there is no one to buy the things. It is the real challenge that women and the world faces. Also, we know from the fact that the men's income tends to get back on track in quick time after having preventive measures, but the women's income takes a longer time to recover.

It is already the case that women face economic insecurity more than men. Now, due to COVID-19, their economic insecurity and dependency have increased. The social ripples, with their campaigns, generate awareness about gender equality and the need of creating an environment for women that gives rise to their independent financial securities. 
Because of the economic impact, there will be a major health care impact on independent women. They will have to suffer more as the economic income is stopped, and daily care is required. So, what it looks like is that the period of recession has come, and if the corrective or preventive measures are not taken, then the economic lives of women will be worse affected, especially of the country like INDIA.