How can we help women cope up with their Challenges during COVID-19?

How can we help women cope up with their Challenges during COVID-19?

It is the year 2020, everyone in society is engrossed with the fear of COVID-19. Every individual is affected due to the corona-virus spread and wants to live healthily. There are lockdowns and restrictions all over the world. Women are mostly affected during this lockdown. They are facing the burden of an increase in their responsibilities. They are facing challenges in every area of society. They are affected by the corona-virus mainly in the following three areas: 

  • Economic
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Healthcare system

The challenges they are facing are complex and also they are interrelated to each other. With an increase in household responsibilities, women are facing challenges in their work-life and increased health care problems. Some women feel trapped due to an increase in financial dependence and they are also facing problems in balancing their personal and professional life.

The Social Ripples, with their awareness campaigns and programs, want to aware society about the women issues during the lockdown and how every individual surrounding them can help the women to better their situation. It also allows society to promote gender equality from within. 

Following are some of the ideas to release women from their social and economic burden and help them lead a happy and stable life during the lockdown.

Start from home

Men and boys should ensure that they share equal household chores:
In most of the houses, it is seen that during the lockdown the women are under stress because everyone is at home and there is an increase in household work. It creates a stressful environment for women. Hence, it is the responsibility of the men and boys in the house to share an equal amount of household work with women and girls in the house. There should be a proper discussion within the family to divide the work equally.

Compensate the domestic work and care: 
It is a fact that women contribute largely towards the informal and formal care of the economy of the country. During the lockdown, it is to be seen that people support the ones especially the domestic workers and household women who do the work. But during a lockdown or the pandemic crisis, they have been suffering the most as they do not have work. It is the responsibility of ours to compensate for them by at least not cut the day-to-day wages them. Even the top leader ‘PM’ of the country has urged us to continue the support to the staff personals.   

Corporate or Organization

Consideration of gender equality:
It is the aged old thing that the organization has always outperformed male dominance. To have a balance in the organization of the experience with the male and female is a major thing at the time of crisis. If you start right from the organizational level to have 50 -50 percentage i.e. equal male and female, it will boost the female world. It will boost the confidence of the female population and make ways for them in decision-making policy, etc.

Support and Proactive offerings:
Many non-profit organizations can consider the option of helping the low-paid workers or the employees, especially the women. It is important to make sure that the support systems are present to access healthcare and domestic and sexual violence support. Proactive participation can help women to face the situation. For example; an organization can start providing free health care required for women employees. Grant paid leaves for a few days to those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown phase and facing domestic violence.

At an Individual level

Collect and Analyze the data:
Survey your level to gather the information from the society, to get the female voice. You can always start collecting and analyzing the data and the issues in the society that affect the women during the scenario of the COVID-19. You can also start with a team of individual members and survey, collect the data and inform through the various media about the out-comings or the facts that are posing difficulties towards the women. These might help to spread the urgency to raise the voice for the female society.

Generate the resources for the essential services:
It is that phase of life where it is essential to reduce the gap of resources needed for the essential services. There are many organizations that are making contributions to society. A simple way is to collaborate or partner with the organizations providing vital services. Initiate the tie-up with the health care companies to provide support for the pregnant women who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, the crisis of the COVID-19 gives a platform to raise awareness amongst the people and also the change in attitude, habits, etc. making the point why gender equality is necessary for the progress of the country. We know the fact that we cannot completely help the women, but the ways above mentioned can help women to cope up during the COVID-19 as well as Post COVID-19.