What are the primary areas of society focused on the social ripples foundation?

The Social ripples is the social initiative that comes with a vision to bring social awareness in the society, regarding the special attributes of the society. It is inspired by the United Nations' sustainable goals and objectives. It mainly focuses on integrating the social, economic, and environmental factors of a better society.

The main areas of the social ripples are
  • 1. Inclusive society
  • 2. Gender quality
  • 3. Rural development
  • 4. Women and child development
  • What are the measures taken by the social ripples to create an inclusive society?

    The Social ripples is very committed to creating an inclusive society. They work partnering closely with the organizations, NGO's, and other social teams to create a healthy society by educating people about the fundamentals of society. Following are some of the measures taken by the social ripples

  • 1. Building confidence with the disabled people
  • 2. Including LGBT groups in society
  • 3. Valuing talents, skills and attitude over disabilities
  • How do the social ripples encourage Gender equality in society?
    The main vision of the social ripples in case of encouraging gender equality is to change the mindset of the people of the society that discriminates according to the gender of the person. It is important that the men, women, and also transgender together must contribute to the decision-making process at the place of the work and home. In this way, equality is achieved in society, and it is beneficial for society.
    What do the social ripples do to grow in rural areas?
    The social ripples believe strongly that the main power of India lies in its natural resources. India is truly blessed with several natural resources. Villages are connected with the natural resources the most. Hence, for sustainable development of the county, the social ripples approach towards developing the rural areas, primarily their focus is to develop the agricultural sector that is the heart of India.
    What are the effective areas that are focused on social ripples to develop rural areas?

    Rural areas comprise most of the villages that include agriculture as their main occupation. To bring sustainable development in the rural areas, the social ripples focus on the following aspects;

  • 1. Job opportunities
  • 2. Education Awareness & improving literacy levels
  • 3. To Promote poverty eradication in rural areas
  • 4. Female empowerment and gender diversity
  • 5. Public health and sanitation measures
  • 6. Encourage Entrepreneurship among women, small-scale farmers, and indigenous peoples.
  • 7. Constitutional law and order.
  • 8. Infrastructure development like roads, irrigation, electricity, etc
  • 9. Sustainable forest management
  • How do social ripples participate in women and child development?
    A society is called a developed society if each individual of the society respects. the other individual irrespective of his race, gender, etc. It gives total attention to the welfare of the people in terms of health and safety. It takes equal care of the health, safety, and education of women and children's development. Ripple provides a change in society and provides safety, dignity for the women. Social Ripple works in the process and policies that support the women and child development and upliftment and make them live a good and balanced life.

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