Let's encourage and build societies that value women, men and also transgenders as equal.

The society we live influence us in the way we act and communicate. It is the other way too. Each of us can greatly influence the growth and development of our society with our social connections, personal relationships, and physical environments. Our culture has a major role to play in creating society. It shapes the way we work and communicate, and it plays a major role in the way we view ourselves and others.

At The Social Ripples, we greatly encourage and believe that society is shaped by the interactions, participation, and contributions of every individual. For a social framework to be rock solid rigid, biased, and stereotyped gender-specific roles needs to have a complete shift. It is imperative that Women and Transgenders must also contribute to the decision-making process, creating policies, and setting a more positive societal norm.

We strongly advocate moving ahead from the prejudiced norms and notions of the society where Men, women, and Transgenders too participate in the decision-making process at the workplace and at home.

Dr. Lopamudra Inclusive Society
Dr. Lopamudra Inclusive Society

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Our area of focus on Gender equality follows the vision and goals of The United Nations where women have a critical role to play in all the SDGs. Goal 5, of SDG, refers to "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls" is dedicated to respecting, recognizing, and representing women at the various forums and opportunities. Moving a step ahead, at The Social Ripples we also support Transgenders and encourage them to have a fair chance.

Dr. Lopamudra Inclusive Society
First and foremost, every individual needs to be noticed, recognized and valued.
People must be given the right to work and the right to participate in social, cultural, and political life.
People have equal rights to access the resources and participate fully in society in spite of their social conditions.

Having a society that is not biased towards a specific group of gender can set the base of a growth-oriented society. A society where both Men, Women, and Transgenders are treated similarly and have the equal access to Resources, and Opportunities regardless of Gender. It is important to encourage a society where humanity is respected above all. A society where every gender is valued, nurtured, and given importance across social, political, economic, and cultural activities.